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OperaVision Academy 2020

Millo in Concert
07/12/15 at 9:00

Aprile Millo returns to Italy in a gala to benefit the Villa Puccini and The Tebaldi Museum with special guest opera stars from around the world.

Opening DAY!
06/5/20   Operavision Academy
Busseto, Italy    (Postponed for COVID 19)

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Richard BONYGNE Master Class
07/21/19 and 07/23/19   Afternoon Sessions

Casa Verdi
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Renata Tebaldi Museum Concert

Museo Renata Tebaldi in Busseto, Italy

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Villa PUCCINI Concert
08/01/15 at 9:00 PM

Castello di Malaspina di Massa

During the Milan Expo/Marble Week
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Walking in History as you CREATE your Own!

Operavision Academy in Busseto 2016

Making History in Verdi Land! Operavision Academy 2016...

July 10, 2016

After a spectacular launch Operavision Academy was formally asked to become the Official Summer Program in the historic Verdi City of Busseto, Italy in association with the Comune di Busseto, The Casa Barezzi, The Museo Tebaldi and the Verdi Museo. Three weeks with Maestro Richard Bonynge, Peter Kazaras, and performances in Carrara, Busseto, Torre del Lago and Milano for the Museo Tebaldi, The Casa Barezzi, Simonetta Puccini and her great Restoration work at the Villa Puccini, at Torre del Lago, and for the Museo Tebaldi in Busseto. 

Puccini at Torre del Lago

July 22, 2016

In beautiful summer nights under gorgeous Italian starlit nights, the villages were filled with melodies uniquely Italian and Opera flourished in a new generation.

A Brindisi for Verdi!

July 30, 2016

Operavision Academy's inaugural season comes to a close at the Museo Tebaldi in a concert filled with great singing and a very happy audience. At the end a Verdi Brindisi from Traviata with champagne for all. Alla Prossima......2017 when Operavision Academy returns again. 

Stay Tuned Operavision Academy 2017 Busseto, Italy

July 10, 2017

An unforgettable bond has been formed with the warm and gracious citizens of Busseto, Italy.....and the young artists from over five countries are returning to love once again the greatness of Italy in all it's historical glory..

More news to follow.

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Coming : Operavision Academy  Busseto, 2017

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